Alverna House Dental Practice, St Helens, Merseyside

The introduction of Clinipad has had a terrific impact on the way the whole practice now operates. By enabling our patients to fill in all the necessary forms electronically on iPads, located in reception and in each of our four surgeries, Clinipad has eliminated the need for paper forms and reduced the storage space required for patient administration.

At first, some of our team were a little apprehensive as to how Clinipad would work in practice, but we were determined that every member of staff would be trained on its use, not just the reception staff. We wanted everyone involved straight away as we thought this would give Clinipad the best opportunity to be successfully integrated.

Our initial Clinipad training was provided by Software of Excellence. We were also shown the online training video which we can access at any time should we need it, but we have all found it extremely easy to use and we were up and running almost straight away.

When a patient arrives in reception we use Clinipad to check and update their personal details, asking patients to fill out any necessary forms, then, once in the surgery the clinician checks and updates their medical details, all electronically. The updated information is then automatically sent into the patient’s file in EXACT where it is safely and securely stored.

Unlike their paper equivalent, the electronic forms stored in Clinipad incorporate measures to ensure each form is completed correctly, which helps with compliance. The system will prevent the patient from completing and signing any form until they have ticked all the relevant boxes and entered all the required data. This is a great help to us, for example with exemption forms. Patients are not always aware of the information they need to bring with them to qualify for exemption but Clinipad will show them exactly what they need to provide.

In the past each task would have been completed on paper, by reception staff who would need to scan each individual form and attach them manually to the patient’s notes. The new system is working so well we are currently in the process of archiving our existing paper documents into EXACT and will soon dispense with our old filing system completely. This will enhance the whole ambience of the reception area and create a more welcoming environment for our patients.

Our patients are very comfortable using Clinipad. They like the ease of use of the system and we have even found our more elderly patients to be very accepting of the new technology. I really cannot fault it.