Starting off as a purely NHS practice, Porchester Dental, Nottingham has now started to expand its private patients. After almost 21 years as an associate at Porchester Dental, Principal Dentist Mandy Hampson is looking to revamp the practice and grow the business.

The Reception team has been working very hard to change their habits and work from the workflow tab on the reception screen, this will most definitely improve the stats in terms of bookings made and emails collected. So from now on every single patient seen will be asked for email address and mobile numbers will be updated.

We have had a sign put up asking for these details and placed writing cards and pens at reception which were then stapled to the patients’ consent forms as they went into the surgeries. It was easier for the nurse to update them in surgery keeping everything confidential and away from a busy reception area.

Reception made sure every patient was asked to book the next recall appointment before leaving. Some patients could not commit due to work schedule and some declined to book but I think overall we booked between 70-75% which was higher than we thought we could manage. Overall this has been very well received by most patients as it’s been their preference to do so.

We are now trying to concentrate on reducing the white space and I’ve encouraged every staff member to add patients who require treatment to the short notice list. One dentist is retiring at the end of August so white space may be more apparent in his diary over the next few weeks.