Family owned and family run, Ampthill Dental Practice is located in the Georgian Market town of Ampthill. Owned by Miss K Saxby the practice is run by daughter Laura Doherty, who prides herself on maintaining the core values of delivering dental care in a relaxed environment for the whole family.

Established for over 35 years, the practice has been using Software of Excellence for 10 years, but with a recent change of structure Laura was looking to get to know the business better and grow performance.

Our focus over the past months has been to reduce our FTAs and short notice cancellations and it seems to be working. Our short notice cancellations have decreased by 15% which in part has been due to sending automated e-mails to our patients a week before their appointments, reminding them that if they need to reschedule their appointment they need to contact the practice with 48 hours’ notice. This e-mail has also allowed us to remind our patients to arrive a few minutes earlier than their appointment to complete any necessary paperwork. Thanks to the automated function of SOE there isn’t any extra pressure on reception to send these e-mails and by giving the practice extra notice that there will be available time in the diary, the reception team has the opportunity to fill the time resulting in an increase of 2.4% in chair utilisation time. These two things, combined with an increase in new patients this month, has led to a very busy period.