Roksolana Mykhalus, co-owner and director of Happy Kids Dental explains how being able to track practice performance is helping her innovative new business to put child-focused dentistry on the map.

Happy Kids Dental in Marylebone West London, is a unique new dental practice that has been established as a squat. I am a qualified dentist originally from the Ukraine, but it was always my ambition to build a new type of practice in London. From the outset I wanted to create something that was very different to more traditional dental practices and the focus of Happy Kids is entirely on paediatric dentistry.

The search for suitable premises took nearly two years but ultimately it was well worth the wait. We have created not so much a dental practice but a children’s theme park, with the aim of attracting young patients who will be happy to visit us without any fear of the dentist and be cared for by a team of specialists and dentists with a passion for paediatric dental care.

We have all the latest treatment modalities and our 15 surgeries are equipped with the latest generation of dental technology including OPG, hand-held X-ray devices, the latest intraoral scanners, sensors for digital imaging and the lowest dose digital X-ray machine available, which is very important for the health and wellbeing of the children.

Moving forward
A high-tech private practice like this also needs the best practice management system to keep everything running smoothly, and we have been able to automate many of our routine, but essential administrative tasks, giving the staff more time to focus on our young patients. We took the decision to install EXACT V12 from Software of Excellence as our practice management system to help streamline our administrative processes and work more efficiently. EXACT is also importantly a great business tool, enabling us to monitor all aspects of the practice’s performance and gain an insight into how we are performing across all our key business areas.

I have been particularly impressed by the reporting capabilities of the system. As a business owner I can now immediately see important details such as how much we are earning, how well each of our seven dentists and three hygienists/therapists is performing, chair time utilisation and so much more. Software of Excellence have been very helpful in guiding me around the many resources that are available in the software. This support is helping me establish baseline metrics for the business from the outset, allowing me to judge the areas in which our practice is already making performance improvements.

I’m also very impressed with the way the software automates many of the more mundane administrative tasks, such as sending out recalls and reminders via email, text message or letter which the front desk team finds extremely helpful and takes a great burden off their shoulders. It was never in my business plan to have staff doing manual recalls, stuffing envelopes and finding stamps – that’s certainly not the best use of time for our employees!

Our vision
When we opened our doors for the first time we had no patients, but now our patient numbers are growing day-by-day. We have chosen to work in all areas with what we consider to be the best companies and Software of Excellence certainly fits into this category. Our vision is to be a centre of excellence for paediatric dentistry but also be a highly successful business and I believe EXACT will play a big part in helping us achieve our dream.