Principal dentist David Murnaghan at Boyne Dental & Implant Clinic opened in Navan, Co. Meath talks about his journey to becoming a thriving business; and how Software of Excellence has helped him to attract new patients and boost practice performance in a changing, demanding market.

Our business has grown substantially since the practice opened just over five years ago and I believe this is down to a combination of several different factors. We have a great team of clinicians and support staff, we have a great location in the centre of town and our practice branding and signage really helps to get us noticed. But importantly, it is also down to the application of the tools within our practice management software – EXACT V12, that is helping to transform our practice efficiency and performance.

Getting noticed
Getting your practice noticed is essential in today’s competitive dental market, with patients expecting a certain level of customer care they might not have experienced before. In the past, patients thought they were lucky just to be able to get to see a dentist, whereas today there are so many more options available to them that patients have become a lot more discerning. They do their online research and have access to a lot more detail about the practice they are planning to visit; comparing treatment options and costs to ensure that the treatment and the practice is going to be right for them.

As a profession, we now have to look at how we can make lives easier and more comfortable for our patients in order to attract them to our practice, because essentially we are running a healthcare business.

Better communication
EXACT is extremely useful as a business tool, allowing us to communicate with our patients far more effectively. We have been able to streamline our administrative processes, automatically sending out recalls and reminders on a predetermined basis via text message or email without any staff intervention. This saves valuable time and frees up our reception team to spend more time caring for our patients. As an added bonus, automated reminders sent a few days before an appointment jogs patients’ memories, helping to significantly reduce our FTAs.

The new Marketing Manager function in the latest version of the software enables us to communicate directly with specific groups of our patients, for example we can contact patients who wear dentures or patients who have recently lost a tooth. We can target these patients with educational messages and advice about additional treatment options such as dental implants or bridges. It’s great for new patients as well, as we can automatically send information about the practice and the different treatment options available prior to their first visit, which makes them feel better informed and also promotes our services at the same time.

I would definitely recommend EXACT to other practices and encourage them to start their journey from “good to great”. I can honestly say that we wouldn’t be in the great position we are without the support of Software of Excellence. They have helped us focus on our practice marketing and improved the communication with our existing patients and the way in which we attract new ones. The journey isn’t complete, but we are well on our way.