A paperless, user-friendly solution for payment allocations

Payments to associate dental practitioners can be time-consuming, tedious and are often open to dispute. MyPractice Cloud Pay (MPC Pay) from Software of Excellence, is a paperless, user-friendly solution to simplify this process and enhance forecasting for both the practice and individual growth.

  • Create multiple pay periods for your practice.
  • Automatically register whether the practice has been paid by the patient.
  • Automatically allocate suitable payments for the pay period.
  • Generated statements can be sent to the practice and associate for review.

How will MPC Pay help you better run your practice?

Using MPC Pay to introduce this greater level of transparency throughout your business will aid professional relationships and establish confidence in fair pay and internal workflows – factors that are now more important than ever as we experience a shortage in associates, post lockdown. 

Streamlining this process means whilst maintaining control of how you report on, communicate and schedule these payments, you have the additional functionality to:

  • Track each associates revenue and adjust future pay periods.
  • Review discussions and agreements with associates regarding their statements in their own profile/comment section.
  • Upload a CSV to the bank for payment.
  • Make adjustments based on additional income, deductions and unique payment terms.
  • Effortlessly generate reporting based on overall gross profit, profit per chair, historical analysis and much more!

…you can be sure that you’re running your practice in a way that works for you and your team.

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Open to all SOE customers and included within your existing service fees, our award-winning Customer Success Programme ensures you get the most of your journey with SOE, sustaining your business and allowing you to plan and develop your practice.

Your dedicated Customer Success Consultant will work with you to identify opportunities, fill in the gaps, set realistic targets, and show you how to monitor and achieve your goals. We have a team of experts who can advise on workflow efficiency, practice development, sustaining your practice, and patient experience on hand, ready to help you and your team.

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