Thanks to those who joined us for Show Offers Week

The buzz and atmosphere of live events are a great opportunity to catch up with colleagues and friends, learn new things and, of course, enjoy the “Show Offers”. You missed out on the event this year, but we wanted to make sure you do not miss out. This is why, for the first time, we created: Show Offers Week!
During the week practice leaders virtually met our dental business experts, discussed their needs and together made a plan for 2021.
Show Week is over, but you can still book an appointment with one of our consultants. During your one hour slot, we will discuss how we can help you build a more sustainable business, improve workflow and increase efficiency; whilst showcasing why thousands of practices have gone “contactless” this year.


Watch the recorded webinars by clicking the relevant link below
We missed you on the stand, but have teamed with industry experts to bring you some of the lectures you might have missed. in case you missed the webinars, tune in and listen to a specialist from a different field covering the hottest topics such as technology, marketing, and finance.

how technology is helping keep patients and teams safe

Guy will be sharing his perspective on how new technology is helping dentists keep themselves, their teams and their patients safe whilst sustaining their business.   Tuesday 24th November - 18:00


Marketing Effectively in a Changing Environment

Sara King, Marketing Manager at Dengro, will be sharing all things marketing and patient communication, both now and moving forward.                  Wednesday 25th November - 18:00


Sitting With Uncertainty: Resilience and Stress Management in Times of Change

In order to 'thrive' rather than simply 'survive', we need to understand the relationship between uncertainty and wellbeing and start building resilience to adapt to change.                                                     Saturday 28th November - 18:00


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