Are your patients missing out?

If they can’t fill out their pre-appointment forms at home, check themselves in upon arrival and instantly book their next appointment… then they are!

The new standard in patient experience is here!

We all know what it feels like to be a customer, and the high standards we all expect when it comes to customer service. But how can you achieve a consistently smooth and efficient patient experience at your practice?

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EXACT V13 Transformation

EXACT V13 will completely revolutionise the way patients engage with your practice, whilst making it easier for them to complete the treatment they need. What’s more, it will help take the pressure off your front desk team with more automated tasks, less admin and more time for patient care.


Patients can fill forms from the comfort of their home

Give your front desk team one less thing to worry about!

Your patients can now complete their medical history, patient details, consents, FP17’s and more before they visit your practice. This will give your reception team more time to spend with patients: making them feel more comfortable, relaxed and welcomed in your practice.

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The end of the reception queue? Quick, safe and easy patient self check-in is here

Do you like to queue?  Sometimes it is a necessity, but would you choose to queue if you could avoid it?

Patients queuing in your dental practice feel the same. What’s more the line of standing people puts immense pressure on the reception team: who are also trying to answer the phone, take payments and be welcoming and friendly to everyone.

With Patient Portal patients can now self-check-in using a QR code. When arriving for their appointment all patients need to do is:

  1. Click on the Patient Portal link
  2. Access the QR code
  3. Scan the code at the self-check-in station.

Simple, efficient, fast.

Your front desk team can now be more available to deliver even better customer care.

Spend less time on admin and more time on patient care!

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Make sure patients fulfil the treatment you prescribed

How many treatment plans have your dental team issued this month? How many patients have already booked an appointment for you to carry out these plans?

Care Manager will show you a list of patients with an outstanding treatment plan who have not yet booked their appointment. It will allow you to contact each patient directly from EXACT, show you how much the treatment is worth and when the patient was last contacted.

Using Care Manager will help you maximise the income from outstanding treatments and importantly give you another opportunity to show your patients that you care about their oral health.

Did you know? Care Manager is already included in your EXACT software, all you need to do is add it to your tool bar.

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