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Contractual Documents

The documents in this section represent your contractual agreement with SOE.

Please note that these documents cover our responsibilities to our Customers in line with GDPR rulings.*

You do not require a separate Data Processing Agreement with SOE.

*If you are non UK based customer then please take special attention to the Brexit Update in the News section below.

Company Policy Documents


Brexit Update ( Last Updated 01 /11/2019 )

The UK Government has announced its intention to take the UK out of the EU.

If , and when,  this action comes into effect it’s likely that the UK will be considered as adopting “Third Country” status, in respect to how its considered by EU countries in relation to GDPR.

This is likely to continue as an interim position, at least and until the EU makes a declaration of “Adequacy” in relation to the UKs Data Protection laws.

So what does this mean to Customers of SOE?

If you are a customer based in the UK there is no immediate impact on you as the UK government has indicated that the current data protection legislation (enforced under a UK Act of Parliament) will remain in force and unchanged at the point of exit.

If you are a customer of SOE, whom remains in the EU (i.e. not UK based), then operationally nothing materially changes.  SOE takes GDPR compliance very seriously and nothing will, or needs to change, in the manner we manage the processing of your data after Brexit. However contractually we may need to make an adjustment to include EU model clauses (also known as Standard Contractual Clauses, SCCs) as part our agreement with you.

We believe that clarity on whether this change of contractual terms will be necessary is unlikely to be revealed until very close to the time of exit from the EU so we have decided to update our standards contractual documents to include some conditional clauses ( applying to non UK – EU customers only )  that will come into effect in the event that SCCs become required.

We are obliged to give customers a month’s advance notice of contractual adjustments such as this so the documents below will come into force 30 days after first being published on this website.

Could we please draw your specific attention to section 6 of the Privacy Policy and in particular the subsection labelled “Impact of Brexit for further details.

New T&Cs to replace existing document on the 01/11/2019

New Privacy Policy to replace existing document on the 01/11/2019

Standard Contractual Clauses (EU Model Clauses) will come into effect for non UK customers once the UK exits the EU, if the UK goverment fails to negotiate an alternative arrangement.

Please note you will not be required to re-sign you agreement with us when these adjustments come into force.

Should you have any further questions regarding these adjustments then please contact SOE’s Data Protection Officer at