Creating a Contact List

Following the recent government updates, many of you will want to communicate to your patients that you are still open and that their appointments are going ahead. This video shows you how to create a contact list of patients who have booked appointments, so you can get in contact to reassure them. There is also a suggested SMS template, which I will show you how to add.

Here is the text used in the video:
[] is still open from the 5th of November. Your scheduled appointment is still going ahead and we look forward to seeing you. If you wish to contact us please do so on []

please be aware this template will use 2 SMS credits, you can change or reduce the characters if you wish

New Recall Wording Pack

Due to the current high demand in dentistry for patient recalls, ensuring that your team has a current recall process is important. Help your team with the New Recall Wording Pack, allowing you to set appointment availability expectations with your patients as early as possible. Download here:

SOE Recall Wording Pack

Need help importing? Download our 3 help videos on how to do this.

Import Help Videos

How to implement a new custom screen

To help with your COVID-19 workflow we have created the following custom screens. Please note, these screens are customisable templates: as a clinician you should make the final decision on the information you need to capture, and check that the set-up is right for you.

Below is a step by step guide:

Adding a Custom Screen.pdf

How to implement Reminder Changes in line with NHS England Guidelines

As you may be aware, NHS England have circulated a national strategy with specific guidelines in regards to how to reduce the risk of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). The link below will show you the NHS England advice regarding primary dental care settings (including community dental services). This will involve processes that the practice will need to consider when reducing the risk of COVID-19.

NHS England guidance advises adding some additional text to your current SMS appointment reminders as part of  their virus containment plan.

Watch the video to get a step by step guidance when updating the template for SMS reminders within EXACT V13

Below is the recommended text for SMS appointment reminders and Online Booking, as per the video:

Before your appointment please refer to the latest on coronavirus at

How to add text to your Online Booking web page regarding Covid-19

In accordance with NHS England guidance, practices are advised to add text to their Online Booking Service. This video will outline the process step by step when implementing this for EXACT

Below is the recommended text for Online Booking and SMS appointment reminders, as per the video:

Before your appointment please refer to the latest on coronavirus at

How to add a new cancellation reason

As your contract completion might be affected by COVID-19 we suggest that you monitor and record the cancellations as a result of the virus. This information is important for when your NHS Contract is complete as you may be able to mitigate any financial clawback with this data. View the document on to see how to implement this within EXACT

Creating a New Cancellation Code

NHS Scotland General Dental Services Information and advice