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The average outstanding value of treatment plans in the UK is £9,000 per dentist. Many of these plans are simply ‘lost’ in the system due to poor tracking and a failure to adequately follow up.

Care Manager helps solve this problem by providing visibility of outstanding treatment plans, allowing the practice to identify and convert, to take full advantage of this currently untapped potential.

Care Manager uses a new dashboard within EXACT that enables users to view, prioritise, track, assign and, ultimately, book outstanding treatments. By displaying planned treatments that have no corresponding booked appointments, users can manage the flow of outstanding treatment plans, allocating specific communication actions to individual opportunities. Users receive an automatic alert when they are assigned an opportunity, from where they can click through to view the treatment plan.

The manager can log all communication with the patient into the Care Manager module and set dates and alerts when further communication needs to be made. Progress notes, added as a commentary to each opportunity facilitate full visibility of the status of every opportunity, enabling the manager to assess the likelihood of treatment uptake at any time. When a patient is ready to book, this is easily done straight from the Care Manager dashboard, with no need to shuffle between different screens.

Care Manager is the next step in ensuring good practices turn into great businesses. By realising the value in your outstanding treatment plans, you can improve patient care, delivering better outcomes and turning potential revenue into actual income.

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