Patient marketing is a key priority for growing practices, so here are some simple steps to follow in the 10 Laws of Patient Marketing.

Having conducted some recent research into dentists’ behaviour with regard to patient marketing, we were interested to discover that although there was a clear desire to improve marketing amongst dental professionals (89.4%), there was also a lack of knowledge of how to plan and execute campaigns. Our findings revealed that over 77% had no plan for how to improve their marketing and only 12% were regularly communicating with patients.

These statistics led us to develop what we refer to as the “10 Laws of Patient Marketing”. These ‘laws’ are designed to help dentists navigate their way through the often complex, but nevertheless critical area of patient marketing, which is vital if practices are to successfully educate their existing patients and attract new ones.

By using the tools in EXACT V12, practices can become more successful, not only by making their internal processes more efficient, but also by ensuring that their marketing messages are relevant, targeted and tracked. This is having a significant impact on revenue generation and ensuring that the opportunity presented by digital visibility is well and truly exploited.