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What is SNOMED?

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SNOMED is an international system for codification of clinical findings, symptoms, diagnoses, procedures, body structures and more.   Below are some examples relevant to dentistry:


CONCEPT CODE                              DESCRIPTION

234713009                                         Fissure seal tooth (procedure)

173333008                                         Scaling of tooth (procedure)

241114005                                         Head soft tissue X-ray (procedure)


The full SNOMED CT set has 311,000 codes to cover a wide range of scenarios.  For example:


  • “Injury sustained to a passenger in a three wheeled vehicle on a public highway”
  • “Injury sustained to a passenger in a three wheeled vehicle on a private highway”
Where can I get a copy of the full SNOMED CT reference set (all 311,000 codes)?

Please take a look at the website: www.snomed.org

Is there a reduced set of codes for dentistry?

Using all 311,000 codes for dentistry is impractical and irrelevant in a spectrum of scenarios. Software of Excellence and the Dental Software Suppliers Association (DSSA) sought clarification of this and unfortunately have yet to have a response. So for compliance purposes, ourselves and other members of the DSSA have used the reduced version of the SNOMED CT reference set which was published to the NHS Business Services Authority website in April 2019.

Where can I get a copy of the reduced SNOMED CT reference set?

The NHS Business Services Authority website on which the reduced SNOMED CT reference set was published in 2019 is not currently available. In the absence of further guidance, and with the impending deadline, Software of Excellence and other DSSA members have continued to use this reduced SNOMED CT reference set.

Do I have to re-base charts for every patient?

The DSSA (The UK Dental Software Suppliers Association) has not been able to obtain an authoritative answer to this question.  However, most codes in the reduced SNOMED CT published by the in April 2019 on the NHS Business Services Authority website set relate only to treatment.

What will I need to do?

Each EXACT treatment code will need to be mapped once to an appropriate SNOMED code.  When charting treatment codes that map to multiple SNOMED codes, a further ‘click’ is required to select the appropriate code.

Do you have any examples for mapping the codes?

Yes, please see below some detailed mapping examples. We are unable to automate the process for our customers because each dental practice has its own treatment codes.  To make it as easy as possible for customers, Software of Excellence has created SNOMED mappings for the default EXACT treatment codes.  Please note that the responsibility for selecting appropriate SNOMED codes for EXACT treatments lies with treating clinicians.

Simple 1 : 1 mapping

EXACT codeEXACT DescriptionSNOMED CT codeSNOMED CT Description
I-IMPPImplant Placement2069003Dental subperiosteal implant (procedure)


One to nothing mapping

Some EXACT default codes have no equivalent in the reduced SNOMED CT set:

EXACT codeEXACT DescriptionSNOMED CT codeSNOMED CT Description
D1Primary Denture Impression(s)N/AN/A


Many to one

Many default EXACT treatment codes map to a single code in the reduced SNOMED CT reference set.

EXACT codeEXACT DescriptionSNOMED CT codeSNOMED CT Description







Captek Crown Fit

Empress Crown Fit

Full Gold Crown Fit

Inceram Crown Fit

Porcelain Bonded Crown Fit

Porcelain Jacket Crown Fit

Recement Crown

42937000Restoration, crown, single (procedure)


One to many

A single EXACT code sometimes maps to many possible codes in the reduced SNOMED CT reference set.

EXACT codeEXACT DescriptionSNOMED CT codeSNOMED CT Description




[…22 codes in total]

Tooth extraction (procedure)

Removal of impacted tooth, partially bony (procedure)

Removal of impacted tooth, completely bony (procedure)

Removal of impacted tooth, completely bony, with unusual surgical complications (procedure)

Can I be sure the reduced SNOMED CT reference set adopted by the DSSA is acceptable?

Unfortunately, we have been unable to obtain definitive guidance around what is acceptable.  The DSSA continues to press various authorities and industry bodies for definitive statements on appropriate SNOMED clinical terminology for England NHS dentistry and Software of Excellence will keep our customers informed.

Do I have to keep my codes up to date?

Yes. To make this easier, the DSSA has suggested an industry-standard set of treatment codes for dentistry in the UK (similar to Australian Dental Association codes for Australia) but this has not been adopted by the relevant authorities.

The mapping of EXACT treatment codes to the appropriate SNOMED code will always be the clinician’s responsibility, as this requires clinical judgement.

My practice is fully private, do I need to worry about SNOMED?

It is our understanding from the guidance we have had that this regulatory change is intended for England NHS treatment but we have been unable to obtain a definitive answer.  We recommend that you do seek to satisfy yourself that this is correct.

If an NHS patient receives some private care, do I need to apply SNOMED CT to private treatment codes in EXACT?

We have not been able to obtain a firm answer to this question.

How do I send NHS Triage claims?

From version 13.250 NHS Triage claims can be sent from your EXACT dental software.

See the video below or Click Here for full details.

Further NHS Triage information

Please Click Here to see more information regarding NHS Triage within EXACT dental software

Am I setup for EXACT automatic updates?

To check if you’re enabled for EXACT automatic updates, log into EXACT, click help, then select about to see your weekly update day/time. Please note this is only visible once you’ve updated to EXACT Version 13.191 or higher.

If you are using a version lower than 13.191 and have not automatically updated within the next 7 days please contact our support team so we can check your setup.

If you wish to Opt-in for EXACT Auto-Updates make sure you’re using EXACT version 13.40 or higher and fill in our Auto Update Opt-In form and we will enable Auto updates for you remotely.

For full details or for upgrading EXACT manually see Here.

Which forms are available to my patients on Patient Portal?

Currently, the following forms are available to manually request or automatically request your patients to complete before arriving for their appointment.

  • Patient Details
  • Medical History
  • FP17PR & FP17PRW
  • Health Screening (COVID Questionnaire)
  • Oral Health Survey
  • Contact Consent
  • Terms & Conditions

Additional / Custom Patient Portal Forms & GP17PR’s will be available in 2021.

For full details visit our Patient Portal Help Page

How do I check if a patient has completed their forms?

You can see which forms have been completed and which are still outstanding by using the Arrivals Tab on the Appointment Book. You can change the date and see in advance of the appointment who has completed their required forms.

Adding the Arrivals Tab to Your Appointment Book

  • Go to File->Appointments and click on the appointment book you are using
  • Click on the spanner in the bottom right.
  • Tick ‘Select which tabs for your activity bar’ and click Next
  • Click Next again.
  • Highlight Arrivals on the left side and click on the >> button to move to the right.
  • Click Finish


What the Form icons mean


For More details see Checking Patient Portal form Completion

Can I send my recalls automatically?

Recalls can be sent from EXACT automatically via SMS, Email, and Letter (via EasyPost). For help enabling and configuring your Recall Automation please speak to our dedicated Recall Team.


To see how to send recalls manually or for full details of EXACT’s Recall Manager visit our Manage Recalls Help Page.

How do I turn on or configure my appointment reminder communications?


If you have Email and/or SMS already setup within EXACT you’re halfway there.

Watch our video to see how to select, edit your Email/SMS templates and configure when your appointment reminders are sent to patients.

If you would like to enable Email and/or SMS please speak with one of our Best Practice Consultants

How do I create a Patient Contact List and contact those patients?

How do i add a new user or provider (inc VT)?

Within EXACT,

  • Go to Configure
  • Add User/Provider to enter the Add User/Provider wizard. (If you cannot see this option, log in as a higher user)
  • Then simply follow this wizard through to the end to successfully add your new user or provider onto EXACT.

Full details of the process are available here – Add User/Provider Help Page.

How do I add a new Provider column to my Appointment Book?

On the main appointment book screen, in the bottom right-hand corner there is a little black spanner icon, this is where the appointment book tabs can be configured.

Add a tick in ‘Make Changes to this appointment book’

Select Next, Next and Next again and you will see the ‘Select the required columns.’ Screen:

  • To add a column – click on the providers’ initials in the ‘Available Providers’ window and click on the chevron (>>)  to move them into the ‘Selected Columns’ window. Once they appear under selected columns they ill appear in the appointment book to can use the up and down arrows to adjust the order of providers in the appointment book.
  • To remove a column – Click on the provider in the ‘Selected Columns’ window then click on the remove button (shown below)

Select Finish on the window below and the provider will no longer appear in the appointment book.

For more useful Help Guides see: New User Guides

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