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At SOE we help and support dental practices navigate the challenges they face, so they can deliver the best possible care safely to patients.

What are the benefits of the Customer Success Programme?
  1. Optimise efficiencies
  2. Hone your skills of best practice and EXACT with expert guidance and resources
  3. Empower your patients to take control of their own contactless journey
  4. Discover how process automation can streamline admin tasks for your team and free up their time to focus

Working with Andy our consultant made a real difference to our performance. We managed to increase recall effectiveness by 23% through automation, pre-booking patients and consistent data collection via EXACT’s workflow manager.
Nicola Alesbrook Practice Manager Sandygate Dental

What could
you achieve?

With over 30 years of experience in dental software innovation, our passionate expert teams are equipped to offer the insight you need to reach your business goals.

If you are looking to optimise your practice workflows, hit targets or increase capacity for private dental work, then enrol on the Customer Success Programme. It is the key to unlocking better business performance, now and for the future.

Whether a new or existing SOE customer, you will be assigned your very own CSC who will work closely with you regularly to help you achieve your goals. It’s all included within your service fees; all we ask for is your time and energy as we work in partnership.

of practices grow their private revenue, with 42% of these growing by more than 50%
of practices on the programme hit their UDA target in the year ending April 2019
of practices on the programme would highly recommend it to their peers

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Our Customer Success team is made up of over 40 industry experts: all experienced in partnering with practices, understanding your challenges and supporting you to hit your targets. Connect with them below

Mitchel (Mitch) Donald

Mitch owns a black dachshund called Lola. He practices Muay Thai kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at a local club. Mitch says “I like my role as I get to create strong business relationships with clients and offer expert guidance, providing positive outcomes"Top tip from Mitch: take time to learn the systems and processes that your staff implement on a day to day basis, it is vital to improving.

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Robert Powell

Robert has been helping practices thrive for the last 26 year and yes, he still loves it! His second favourite activity is riding his Harley, which he does at any opportunity. Robert's top tip is : It’s not just about the data, it’s what we do with it that counts!

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Charli Hatton

Charli is a self-proclaimed “crazy cat lady” to her 4 beautiful fur-babies. She loves spending her weekends cycling to the seaside with her partner and racking up their 10,000 steps. Charlie says:” hearing the passion oozing from my clients to come together and work towards building the perfect practice plan, is what l love about my job”.Charlie’s top tip– be the leader you wish you had.

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Sean Norman

Sean has a 15-year-old cat. When you ask Sean what he likes most about his role, he says: “ Being a CSC allows me to help customers use EXACT to its full potential”.Sean’s top tip: Make sure you are using the Care Manager to keep track of outstanding treatments.

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