A Contactless Patient Journey


As we continue to learn how to live in the new normal, it is clear that technology offering contactless customer services is part of the solution and is now expected by customers and regulators.

Over 3000 practices have already implemented our Contactless Patient Journey, restoring patient confidence and making it effortless for them to attend. What’s more, a contactless package will help keep you, your team and your patients safe.

SOE’s Contactless Patient Journey will provide you with the tools and support that will help you implement a new way of safely delivering dentistry.

7 steps to establishing a Contactless Patient Journey

Step 1 – Finding a dentist

Now, more than ever patients will go online to search for a new dentist. They will not only look for a dentist local to them with good reviews but many will also be looking for  one that has clear measures for contactless arrival and departure and a published infection control strategy.


Step 2 – Booking an appointment

It’s now more important than ever that you keep your phone lines and front-desk team free for triaging and spending time on patient care whilst in the practice. Offering online appointment bookings via your website will not only help with this but it will also make it more convenient for patients looking to book.


Step 3 – Before the appointment

Reducing the risk of infection by identifying patients who are COVID-19 positive, and minimising time spent in the practice for other patients, are both crucial parts of the new Contactless Patient Journey. Our Patient Portal allows patients to complete all their forms, including COVID-19 screening, before attending the practice via their smart phone. When combined with tele-dentistry, you have a range of options to triage patients before they arrive to the practice reducing the time they spend in the practice.



Step 4 – Contactless Arrivals

All the information collected from the patient before they arrive at the practice gives you a good picture of who they are and what they need. The next challenge is your waiting room. Practices now need to minimise the number of people waiting in the reception area as well as a safe way to manage the flow of patients. Ask your patients to notify reception when they arrive. They can wait in their car, or in another safe area, and when ready, your front desk team should call or text the patient and invite them to come in. Many practices pair this process with a buddy system, escorting patients in and out of the practice.


Step 5 -The new practice environment

Infection control has of course always been an essential part of dentistry, but now there are some new solutions that can enhance your infection control measures. Air purification systems, reception screens, PPE, and hand-sanitisation stations, together with new operating procedures, will create a safe environment for you, your patients and your team.


Step 6 – Contactless departures

Now that the treatment is complete it is important to have a quick and efficient departure workflow in place. This includes a contactless payment solution to ensure your patients can safely pay whilst you and your team clean and prepare for the next appointment. Our integrated solution includes contactless payment for under and over £45, as well as an option for remote payment; what’s more, all the information flows directly into EXACT, making departure faster and eliminating human error in the payment process.


Step 7 – A word on communication

Having your patient communication channels active is now an essential tool to keeping the practice as safe as possible in this new normal. It’s a fact that patients are going to spend less time in the practice, giving you less opportunities to communicate with them. But, as a health professional and a business, what you have to say is still very important. From new processes and tools specifically designed for mitigate the impact of COVID19, to oral health advice and promoting your treatments and services, marketing is key. Use recalls, reminders and emails to communicate directly with targeted groups of patients and get assistance from our automated marketing system, Campaign +.


“Due to COVID-19, we felt it’s more essential than ever to install additional software. Patients can access their forms and medical history at home prior to appt, spending less time social distancing at reception in the current climate, and in the comfort of their home, with their list of medication to hand.”

Tracy Pugh
Jamie Pugh Dental Healthcare
Practice Director/manager

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