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The ability to move a patient to and from the chair allows you to clearly see which dentist is working on what patient. It also gives dentists a clear overview of who is waiting to be seen and which order to see them in. The dentists can also send the patient back to the waiting room if for example, they were waiting for the anaesthetic to work.

  1. Reception need to arrive the patient on the appointment book to show the dentist the patient is in the waiting room.

2. Once arrived in reception, in Surgery, the dentist will see any new patients waiting by the door, as illustrated below.

3. To move a patient from the waiting room to the chair, double click on the door. The window that appears will show you any patients that are in the waiting room, or currently in your chair. It will also display the appointment times and arrival times of the patients.

4. When you have highlighted the patient you would like to move, click the ‘move to chair button’, this will move them into the chair and change the patient file to theirs if it is not on there already.

5. You will also notice the patient is now sitting in the chair in the by the door annotation.

6. To return the patient to the waiting room, double click on the door again and click return to the waiting room. The patient that was in the chair will now return to the other side of the door again.

Important: Please note, moving a patient to the waiting room does not complete their appointment and therefore will not generate an invoice for the treatment or a recall for reception to book. If you wish to complete the appointment, you will need to follow the usual procedure and press charge or TC at the bottom of the COT screen.